Ruby Canada

Back in 2017 as a group of Canadian-Iranian Entrepreneurs we decided to establish Ruby Canada (Ruby CA) in order to create a full turnkey retail solution.

We spent two years, from 2016 to 2018, on our research and development. Our services are divided into three different sections; Mall Management, Consultancy and Training, and IT. Our offices in Toronto and Tehran are active and ready to serve.

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Our Specialties

Our team of experts specialize in three different aspects of business and industries. With just a click, Ruby consultants shall be at your service in order to make a difference in your business.

Client Feedback

“Working with Ruby has helped us grow our international network, and has enabled us to expand our business beyond our yearly goals internationally.”

Pardis Farshad

Founder & CEO

“Ruby has provided us with the most convenient IT infrastructure in our warehouse and production line. Ruby provided us with ISO training.”

Navid Motaghian

Sales Manager

“Ruby experts provided a service beyond our expectation at the time promised. It was a great experience having Ruby in our company.”

Reza Alikhani

Founder & CEO

“Using Ruby’s knowledge and management training for our personnel brought a whole new perspective of professionalism to our firm.”

Bahram Ghorbani

Founder & CEO

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